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SLED. All Year Long.

Learn from dozens of units, engage in projects, and manage your SLED team in a whole new way.


How it works

Acting as a project management tool, ongoing curriculum, and collaboration tool, SLED Online can be a stand-alone assistant to your school or a through-line to engage your SLED Chapter year-round.

SLED Online consists of all our in-program units and many more to help with your technology initiative.


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Units & Activities. 

SLED Online is comprised of Units and Activities.

Units - Dozens of new content ares plus all SLED Program Workshops such as "How to Make Stellar Presentations" and more.

Activities - Each unit consists of numerous activities. Each activity follows the Think. Learn. Do. model featured below.


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Think. Learn. Do.

Each activity is comprised of three modules:

Think - Contextualizes the learning outcomes and students’ thoughts on a given topic.

Learn - Provides structure as students use internal and external resources to explore and learn about the subject.

Do - Directs the student to complete a TAP (Technology Assistance Project) related to the activity.

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Technology Assistance Projects (TAPs) are at the heart of SLED Online. Student Advocates or Advisors create a TAP when a teacher, administrator, or IT staff needs technology support.