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How it works

The annual SLED Virtual Competition is a nationwide competition amongst all active and participating SLED chapters.

Participating teams are responsible for submitting a short video explaining their projects, successes, failures, and impact in order to win scholarships to take their projects to the next level.


Official Judging Criteria


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Next year's competition will be opening early 2019.

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And the winner is...


Official Winner of the SLED 2018 Virtual Competition: $1000 Prize

While they have many ongoing projects including Chromebook maintenance, community outreach, and professional development for teachers, Belvidere’s main focus for 2018 was on district rebranding. These projects include remodeling the high school cafeteria, establishing a cardio room, developing a new school website, and renovating both the auditorium and the athletic training room.


Official Runner-Up

Serving more than 2,300 students, the Roswell Nestworkers are “always willing and ready to assist students with any technology need”. There team has set up an active Help Desk ticketing system with real-time feedback, and they’ve created an amazing website to connect all their school’s resources.

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

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1st Place: $1000 Prize

Tidwell Middle School

The Tidwell Middle School advocate mission is to “to educate parents, students, or teachers about how technology is used in the classroom.” Through our website, numerous booths for parents, school events, and Twitter account, we have formed a widespread positive impact at our school. As a group, we have worked on various projects to further educate others about the usage of technology and continually aid in showing parents, students, and teachers how we are integrating technology in and outside of the classroom.

2nd Place - $750 Prize

Weatherford High School

Our team consists of 9 Weatherford High School students who strive to create one's own voice within their education, to instill the desire to improve one's community, to encourage today's leaders, and to support self-sufficient learning in students of Weatherford High School. 
Our goal this year was to work on two projects. One a bit smaller, but we knew would make a powerful impact, and the other a larger project, that would change the learning on our campus.

3rd Place - $500 Prize

Belvidere Middle School

Our mission statement is to empower our students to work with all aspects of the school community to integrate technology to strengthen the learning process. We worked on 7 major projects this year in addition to working with teachers, classes of students and parents. This program truly empowered our students to take the lead in their educational experience and has created an environment of teamwork between students, teachers and the administration.