What we do

SLED is a student organization focused on empowering students to solve the educational problems facing their school. Every school has its own challenges, and students have come together to solve these challenges through their own unique perspective.

Here are some great projects students have created:

SPARTECH - North Springs Charter High School

Students working to both advocate for technology and addressing a very prominent issue of racism within their school. Their plan is to present to both teachers and students in the classroom, around the halls, and in school-wide pep-rallies.

iKnights - Centennial High School

Our most impressive high school tech team. Students created a website, help desk, tutorial videos, and email hotline for any student facing issues. What makes this initiative stand out from the rest was the student's preparations for the deployment. Over a thousand devices were successfully and seamlessly deployed in 2 hours!

K.I.T. K.A.T. - Chattahoochee High School

Initiative to create a 'Genius Bar' and install charging stations around the school. In addition, students saw a major problem with the restrooms for their school. They researched and wrote out a budget and different solutions to the different issues they found such as; missing doors and no paper towels or toilet paper.

S.W.A.T. - Autrey Mill Middle School

Our most impressive middle school tech team. With a help desk and email hotline, the initiative lead by Andrea Rioux, has seen their classrooms transformed.

"Rather than coming in and the teacher giving out our assignments, we just go in and log into Google Classroom and we have all our work there. The teacher is just there to help us if we have any questions" - Olive Pendergast, 8th Grade.