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Empowering Student-Led

 Technology Integration 

That Lasts

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Schools need Cisco Technology to effectively connect the classroom, but no matter how innovative technology is, it won't be used without an effective implementation plan

Every Education Technology Purchase Needs:

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Operational Training

SLED students are trained in the intricacies of Cisco technology, who then host ongoing trainings for their peers, educators, & administrators.

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Ongoing Maintenance

SLED students will resolve basic troubleshooting and maintenance issues, increasing the capacity of school/district IT teams.

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Cultural Adoption

SLED students review lesson plans and meeting agendas to identify optimal integrations of your new technology solutions.

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We create, empower, and incentivize student tech teams to address each of the above metrics, as well as any other challenges your school and/or community is facing through the following 4 program components:

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Our 2-day live training transforms a group of educators into a driven team of SLED advisors equipped to empower their students to tackle their school's biggest challenges from a design thinking framework.


Since Cisco-specific SLED Advisor trainings include Cisco technology use and adoption training, registration is by invite only and can't be completed online.

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A digital repository to store and measure project impact, coupled with a micro-credentialing system to reward student impact, keeping SLED chapters motivated throughout the school year.


Track our 3 metrics against benchmarks throughout the year to earn Cisco-specific badges for additional points to rank up your chapter faster and earn great rewards.

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We provide practical lessons plans and monthly escape experiences for advisors to implement with their SLED students. We also have regular touch points with advisors and our team of SLED mentors to reinforce our culture, find synergies between SLED chapters, and solve problems.

These resources include pre-built project templates for operational training, ongoing maintenance, and cultural adoption around Cisco products, as well as Cisco technology training videos.


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SLED chapters submit a video explaining their project impact over the past year - including their successes, failures, and pivots. Chapters are competing for over $20,000 in prizes and national media recognition for their SLED chapter. 

Cisco SLED chapters will compete with all our SLED chapters from across the country. Each chapter creates projects that solve problems with defined metrics - and Cisco chapters are no different - they just have a few pre-defined metrics.

Supercharge Your SLED Chapter

Add a Student Launch Experience to Your Chapter's Resources 

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Our 3-day live training transforms a group of students into a close-knit and driven team of leaders tackling their school's biggest challenges from a design thinking framework.

Our team sets the culture of problem-solving for your chapter, facilitating relationship development and team building while still providing training on both Cisco technology and the design thinking process.


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Empower student leaders to solve real problems