Chapter: Conference Example

Rank: Pathfinder

Total Points: 9,000

Current Team: 6

Active Projects: 0

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Earn rewards as you rank up. Ranks are gained through a combination of points and the completion of specific badges.

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2,000 points

5 required badges 

Asset 2@4x-133.png

5,000 points

2 required badges 

Asset 3@4x-133.png

11,000 points

2 required badges 

Asset 4@4x-133.png

19,000 points

3 required badges 

Asset 5@4x-133.png

28,000 points

2 required badges 

Asset 6@4x-133.png

40,000 points

1 required badge 



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Use the designing thinking process to launch a project that improves your school or community!

Stakeholders to consider:


Students, Student Caretakers, Educators, Administrators


What happened?

How you can implement

Why they feel

that way

What you can do about it

Interested in implementing SLED at your school?

How they feel

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