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4th through 12th grade
12 to 36 students
Afterschool or elective
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What is


SLED is a leadership program. In it, students form teams to solve problems faced by their school or community. SLED blends project-based learning with community service.
An educator becomes the SLED chapter's Advisor, and supports students as they complete their projects.

SLED Projects

The heart of SLED is student-made projects that solve real-world problems. To create a positive impact on their school, students use the Design Thinking process to empathize with teachers, administrators, and their peers. Then, they define a problem faced by their school and prototype solutions to it. These solutions take the shape of projects implemented by students throughout the year.

  • Add artwork to blank walls

  • Create spirit awards

  • Host community events

  • Create fundraisers

  • Social media campaigns

  • Host pep rallies

  • Find and invite guest speakers

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Culture Projects

  • Start a student help desk

  • Help teachers integrate tech into lessons

  • Create a database of how-to videos

  • Host parent/teacher tech training days

  • Survey students about tech usage

  • Partner with IT staff to take inventory

  • Deploy, maintain, and re-image devices

Tech Projects

  • Create school awareness campaigns

  • Hold a campus cleanup day

  • Survey students about school improvement

  • Host local park cleanup days

  • Create recycling competitions

  • Fundraise for water bottle refill stations

  • Clothing, food, or essential supply drives

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Facilities Projects

  • Start a school garden

  • Host lunchtime exercise games and activities

  • Create a healthy snack campaign

  • Host a mental health awareness day

  • Make a comfy de-stress space in the library

  • Partner with a local food bank to create care packages for quarantined families

Health & Wellness

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See SLED in Action

Fayette County Schools SLED

Keller/Northwest ISD SLED

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Empower your student leaders

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