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Empower students to create meaningful community impact

SLED Subscription Contents

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Adventure Guide

The Guide is a collection of activities and resources for Advisors to guide their SLED chapter! This content is designed to support afterschool programming and daily elective classes. Sessions focus on design thinking, leadership development, and building real-world problem-solving skills.


SLED Project Portal

Every SLED Chapter gains access to an easy-to-use SLED Project Portal! The Portal enables project submission, collects assessment data, generates impact reports, and hosts all the resources necessary to run a successful SLED program.

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Advisor Support & Resources

Each Advisor is paired with an experienced SLED expert called a Trail Guide! Trail Guides perform SLED onboarding, provide coaching throughout the year, and connect Advisors to the national SLED community. Advisors also receive a collection of resources to launch and run SLED successfully.

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National Competition

Win money for your school! Every year, we host a national competition and invite every SLED chapter to compete for thousands of dollars in prize money.


Gamified Learning

As chapters submit projects on the SLED portal, they ascend Mt. SLED! SLED's gamified learning elements encourage students to stay playful, engaged, creative, and explorative on their journey to create positive impact at their school.

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Empower your student leaders

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