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Adventure Guide and Pacing Plan


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Ready for an adventure?

Embark on your SLED journey with the Adventure Guide and Pacing Plan!


The SLED Adventure Guide helps your team succeed. This easy-to-use, in-depth booklet is built around the five steps of design thinking—empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test.


The simple lesson plans are written in chronological order and provide Advisors with prompts, talking points, and easy-to-follow steps to guide students through the project.


Each SLED chapter will identify a problem in their specific community and implement a sustainable solution. It’s the essence of what makes each SLED chapter completely unique.


As SLED chapters advance, lesson plans and activities can be customized to the group’s specific needs and interests. Some SLED chapters thrive when they’re almost entirely student-run, while others benefit from the structure of weekly lessons and guidance provided by the Advisor.


The Pacing Plan included with the Adventure Guide supports 30 weeks of programming for afterschool clubs or classes, although the Adventure Guide can be used as the foundation for an elective course by itself. 


These are just a few of many resources that will enrich and support your SLED chapter’s experience!

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