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National Competition


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Win money for your school!

Participate in SLED’s National Competition!

The goal of each SLED chapter is to identify a problem in their specific community and implement a sustainable solution using our SLED program. This is what makes each SLED chapter—and each project—completely unique.


But ... we want to raise the stakes for participants and make it even more fun and engaging! Every year, we host a national competition and invite every SLED chapter to compete to win prize money for their school.

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SLED chapters submit videos showcasing their projects and the impact it had on their school. This is a chance for schools to win thousands of dollars in prize money as we choose first, second, and third place winners.


Scoring is based on the SLED chapter’s performance on their project throughout the year as tracked in the Project Portal. (It’s not about the video submission, although those are cool, too!)


Also, we love that this national competition provides a chance for schools to engage with our network of SLED chapters nationwide.


View videos from past winners. Now, launch your school’s chapter for a chance to win!

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