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Gamified Learning


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Reward Students for

Working Hard

Providing incentives and making SLED fun

Gamified Learning? No, students will not be sitting in front of a screen with controllers in their hands! We guarantee it! That’s not what SLED is about.


SLED is about in-person interaction. It’s about getting kids to work together with peers, educators, and all members of their community. It’s about public speaking, hosting events, volunteering, and so much more all in an effort to complete their project. It won’t work from behind a screen.

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So what's Gamified Learning?

Gamified Learning adds a layer of healthy competition and fun to the SLED program.


SLED chapters work to complete specific badges and log their accomplishments in the SLED Project Portal. It’s how they earn points. Points are also awarded for completing projects.

The points are part of a ranking system. The chapter’s rank is a measure of how the chapter is doing compared with others across the country. A high rank will greatly impact scores in the National Competition, which leads to prize money for schools.


The goal of Gamified Learning is for SLED Students to move up Mt. SLED through a series of ranks based on their earned points. There’s Adventurer, Pathfinder, Trailblazer, Climber, Mountaineer, and Summiter.


The Summiter rank is the top spot! SLED encourages all students to reach for the top.

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