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SLED Project Portal


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What is the Project Portal?


Every SLED Chapter gains access to an easy-to-use SLED Project Portal.


This management tool allows Advisors to track all aspects of their projects, measure results, interact with Trail Guides, and help other groups across town or across the country.


Here’s how it works:

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1. Create a project.

Students write an in-depth project proposal in the Project Portal with a mission statement, goals, and clear steps on how to achieve their goals.


2. Track the project.

Monitor results every step of the way. Calculate hours spent working, who is impacted, and other any metrics related to the project’s success. Add custom metrics specific to the project. Upload files that show the project’s completion. Once complete, write a quick guide to help other SLED chapters implement the project.


3. Assess, report, and earn points for the project.

Students input their project’s results. They can share pictures or videos of their work, and report on how the project went. A Trail Guide awards points that contribute to a chapter’s total measurable impact.


Throughout the year, the Trail Guide monitors the SLED chapter’s progress and awards points for completed projects. The points allow the chapter to climb higher in the competition with other teams across the U.S.—and win money for your school! Furthermore, the portal keeps track of pre- and post-assessments that measure SLED students’ leadership skills, academic skills, and much more.


Advisors can use the portal to see and share the impact of SLED on their students and on their community.

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