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Why Join SLED?

Solve real problems and become a leader of today, not tomorrow

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SLED is a leadership class or club where students identify problems faced by their school or community, and plan projects to overcome them.

SLED equips students with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

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Become An Advocate


Members of SLED are called Student Advocates. They meet with their SLED Advisor to address problems in their community.

Create Solutions

In SLED, students use their ideas, knowledge, and creativity to address community problems. The projects they create are submitted to an online web portal and scored.

Work With Peers

Students become leaders of change in their schools, communities, and their own lives. They work together with their peers to implement ideas that make a real, practical impact.

Real projects, real impact

Culture and community

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Culture/Spirit Projects
  • Add artwork to blank walls

  • Create spirit awards

  • Host community events

  • Create fundraisers

  • Social media campaigns

  • Host pep rallies

  • Find and invite guest speakers


Technology Projects
  • Start a student help desk

  • Help teachers integrate tech into lessons

  • Create a database of how-to videos

  • Host parent/teacher tech training days

  • Survey students about tech usage

  • Partner with IT staff to take inventory

  • Deploy, maintain, and re-image devices



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Facilities Projects
  • Create school awareness campaigns

  • Hold a campus cleanup day

  • Survey students about school improvement

  • Host local park cleanup days

  • Create recycling competitions

  • Fundraise for water bottle refill stations

  • Clothing, food, or essential supply drives

Health and wellness

Health and Wellness Projects
  • Start a school garden

  • Host lunchtime exercise games and activities

  • Create a healthy snack campaign

  • Host a mental health awareness day

  • Make a comfy de-stress space in the library

  • Partner with a local food bank to create care packages for quarantined families


Student Rewards

Ready to climb? Mt. SLED awaits!

Each SLED chapter's impact is tracked throughout the year by the projects they submit to the SLED portal. Projects and badges are worth points, which translate to ranks on Mt. SLED. SLED chapters journey together from the Adventurer rank all the way to Summiter as they complete projects.

Near the end of the school year, each SLED team can submit a video to compete in the National SLED Competition for more prizes.


National Competition

Showcase your school

Each SLED chapter has a chance to participate in the National SLED Competition. Every year, SLED student teams create a video about the impact they've made in their community. These videos are submitted for judges to evaluate. Other factors, like the chapter's rank and use of the design thinking process, contribute to the final score.


Past Champions

Our Champion Archives contain videos from past winners of the National Competition. You'll see projects that boost school spirit, encourage a positive community, amplify student voice, and much more.

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Empower your student leaders


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