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Advisor Support & Resources


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What’s a Trail Guide?


A Trail Guide is a person who supports Advisors every step of the way.

A person? Yes, it’s a person.


It’s not a chat bot. It’s not a call center. It’s not an auto-generated email.


It’s one-on-one support from the same human every time.​

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Here’s what a Trail Guide provides:

  • Onboards Advisors

  • Meets (yes, meets!) with Advisors throughout the duration of the program

  • Coaches and mentors Advisors to run a successful program

  • Provides time-saving resources and templates 

  • Monthly check-in assistance (and more if needed)

  • Virtual group meetings with SLED students

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Trail Guides share resources with Advisors throughout the year, and provide launch materials to start every new SLED chapter on a path to success!

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